Even seasoned car shoppers get apprehensive when it comes to financing, and for new car buyers, the process can appear daunting. But have no fear: our Alfa Romeo dealership employs some of the friendliest, smartest financing experts in Florida whose mission it is to assist you at every turn as you prepare to purchase a world-class Alfa Romeo vehicle from us.

When you’re considering financing a new Alfa Romeo vehicle, there are three important questions to answer:

Purchase or lease? Along with deciding which type of vehicle you want, this question is critical. For starters, consider the pluses and minuses of each scenario: for example, if you don’t drive a lot of miles annually, want to keep your monthly payments low, and like the idea of driving a different car every few years, leasing is a good choice. But if you want to own and pay off an automobile, avoid mileage restrictions, and are interested in customizing your vehicle, then purchasing is the way to go. We recommend visiting with our sales team to discuss the financials of each scenario, review any special offers available, and see which path makes the most sense to you.

Down payment? Before you pull the trigger on your new purchase, consider how much money you want to put down. The larger the down payment, the smaller your monthly payments. And if you’re thinking about trading-in your current vehicle, you should definitely factor this in too.

Loan term? How soon would you like to pay off your new vehicle? What specials are available related to APR (annual percentage rate)? As with any loan, the faster you pay it off, the less interest you need to worry about.

Ready to talk financing? Visit our Alfa Romeo dealership near Lakeland, FL today.