In many regions of the country, winter is a real bear when it comes to car care. Thankfully, Alfa Romeo customers residing in Winter Haven, FL and Lakeland, FL don’t have to deal with the same cold, snowy weather facing our compatriots in North Dakota. Nevertheless, summer weather brings its own share of issues to be mindful of so that your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio or Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is in tip-top shape during these very warm, sometimes very wet months.

Further to the mention of moisture, we do get the occasional shower here in the greater Tampa, FL area. And as you know, few things are more annoying than driving with worn-out wiper blades during a thunderstorm. That’s why you should always check to ensure your blades are in tip-top shape – or better yet, visit our Alfa Romeo dealership in Winter Haven, FL and ask our service specialists to check them for you. If we think your blades are in need of upgrading, we’ll sell you a new set and install them for a competitive price.

On the subject of Alfa Romeo service near Lakeland, FL, our expert service technicians are just the people you want to see when it’s time to check your engine belts – particularly, the all-important serpentine belt that winds its way between your vehicle’s fan, alternator, and other key engine components. Excessively warm, humid weather can cause this belt to fray, crack, or at worst, snap. Do yourself and your car a favor by having this belt and others checked by our team at each of your schedule maintenance visits.

Other areas of focus during summertime are your air-conditioning unit, air filter, engine coolants, and tires. Visit us today and we’ll have a look!